Student Statistics

UC Merced's inaugural year for undergraduate enrollment was 2005-2006. Graduate students were accepted in 2004-2005.


Admit and Yield Rates by Student Type Freshman Applicants by Gender
Freshman Applicants by Major Freshman Applicants by School
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Transfer Applicants by Gender Transfer Applicants by Major
Transfer Applicants by School


Class Level - Fall | Spring Enrollment History (Graph)
Ethnicity - Fall | Spring FTE (Annualized)
Fee Paying Status - Fall | Spring Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) - Fall
Full-Time/Part-Time Status - Fall | Spring Gender - Fall | Spring
School - Fall Student Credit Hours - Fall | Spring


First Generation Status - Fall Gender by Ethnicity - Fall
Geographic Origin - Fall Majors/Program - Fall
Minors/Program - Fall Pell Grant Recipients - Fall
Primary Home Language - Fall Undeclared - Fall
STEM Majors - Fall
School of Engineering - Fall
School of Natural Sciences - Fall
School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts - Fall

Graduate Students

Full-time/Part-Time Status - Fall Graduate Studies Demographics- Fall
Majors/Program - Fall

First-Time Freshmen

AWPE Scores - Fall Ethnicity - Fall | Spring
Feeder Schools - Fall Full-time/Part-Time Status - Fall | Spring
Gender - Fall | Spring Geographic Origin - Fall
High School GPA - Fall Housing Status - Fall
Residency Status - Fall | Spring SAT Scores - Fall

Transfer Students

Ethnicity - Fall | Spring Feeder Schools - Fall
Full-Time/Part-Time Status - Fall | Spring Gender - Fall | Spring
GPA - Fall Residency Status - Fall | Spring

Retention & Graduation Rates

Fall-to-Spring First-Time Freshmen
Transfer Students

Degrees Awarded

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