Institutional Research & Decision Support

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Assessment of IRDS's Services

Institutional Planning and Analysis administered an anonymous survey between February 3 and February 28, 2011 to 897 regular instructional and non-instructional employees to assess the quality of our services. Results from the survey, which had a 30% response rate, are available here

Data Warehouse / Decision-Support Update

In the Spring of 2014, the UC Merced Data Warehouse Team successfully launched an Enrollment Data Mart. A demonstration of the data mart, using Cognos reporting tools, was presented to a campus stakeholders, including the AVC for Enrollment Management, CIO and other campus leaders. The data mart will allow report writers and analysts to examine enrollment trends from the campus' opening in Fall 2005 onward.

Progress on the Admissions Data Mart continues with the completion of the functional specifications. After the technical team reviews the specifications development will begin. The addition of the Admissions data mart, and its linkages with the Enrollment data mart, will allow more comprehensive analyses of student progress and experience at UCM.

The institution's reporting tool, Cognos, will also go through a major update this Summer. More details and announcements will follow.

New Survey Tool

Institutional Planning and Analysis began using Qualtrics survey software ( for its institutional surveys during the 2011-12 academic year.  After a thorough review of options, Qualtrics was selected for use by IRDS due to its high quality and attractive interface and its full complement of analytical tools.  IRDS is utilizing the software to administer its annual surveys, such as the New Student Survey, Graduating Senior Survey, Graduate Student Survey, and 1-Year Alumni Survey.  Individual campus units are also collaborating with IRDS to complete surveys of specific populations using Qualtrics.  Contact IRDS ( for more information or to discuss a survey project.

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